Top Tier Projects

We research & fund only top tier projects with great potential returns.

Pre-ICO Bonuses

Access to projects and bonuses not available to smaller investors.

Large Allocation

Contribute larger amounts than usually allowed at crowd sale.

Investor Community

Research & discuss exciting projects, colloborate with the community.

The current problem with ICOs

These days there are many ICOs to choose from, but it takes time to research the best Blockchain projects, stay updated, submit your KYC, get whitelisted and more.

Even if you do manage to get in to a token sale, many projects now have small minimum caps per person. Frustrating right?

To top it all off the best ICO projects are now hitting their hard caps without even going to a public crowd sale. Grrr!

The RocketPool Solution

If you’re a smart crypto investor, you know the smart money is now in pre-ico “private” sales, but access to these high potential startup investments is traditionally reserved for funds and large investors. Especially for early stage investing, where risk, but also rewards, are highest.

RocketPool allows community members to invest in exciting early stage Blockchain projects with favourable bonuses and without the hassles of whitelisting or minimum and maximum investment caps.

How it works

Private access to pre-ico deals with up to 100% bonus tokens

Our team (along with feedback from the RocketPool community) comes up with a shortlist of exciting top tier Blockchain projects. A poll is taken to gauge community interest, and a project is selected to be approached with a presales request.

We reach out to the project team to request access to the upcoming presale, and negotiate the best bonus on behalf of the RocketPool community. We then present details of the presales offer to the community for review.

We will offer a top level review of our own, but also ask that you do your own research to review the pre-ico offer, to determine if the offer is suitable for your particular circumstances. Discuss your thoughts with the RocketPool community on our Telegram channel. If you are interested, you can jump on in!

If you would like to contribute to the early stage blockchain project, you can make a contribution to the main pool wallet. Smart contracts handle the funds and token delivery.

Once the token generation has been completed, the tokens (and your presale bonus tokens) are sent to the main wallet and then they will be sent on to your wallet, according to your level of contribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the pool and its projects?

Simply enter your email below and we will send you the necessary information to join RocketPool. Basically we use a Telegram channel to discuss and present our pool projects. If you arent familar with Telegram its a great free chat app used extensively in the blockchain space to connect like minded crypto enthusiasts across a range of projects. The RocketPool channel is specifically positioned to discuss RocketPool related pools and projects. Its easy to join and use and its free! More info in the welcome email.

How do you choose your projects?

We use a combination of our research and community involvement. We are absorbed in the blockchain space 24 – 7 and as such are generally aware of most exciting new projects, which we will rank internally across a range of criteria. Such as

Does the project solve an indentifiable problem?
Are there solid use cases?
Potential market
Token economics
Red Flags?
Lockins / Bonuses
Institutional Interest
Time to sale / deploy
In depth review
Contribution required

With so many promising ICOs constantly appearing its important to harness the collective knowledge of the RocketPool community in deciding which projects to approach and pool for.

We will gauge interest on each project and then approach those our community shows a desire to be involved with. As the space gets more crowded many projects are only accepting pre-ico sales from strategic partnerships but we will always try our level best to get an allocation for RocketPool members.

How does Primablock work?

1) The leader of the community sets up a pool in
2) The pool can use a whitelist so that only specific community members can contribute, or be left open for anyone to contribute.
3) Once enough ETH is collected, the pool’s funds can be sent to the ICO team.
4) Eventually, the tokens are generated and then sent back to the pool’s smart contract.Once that happens, the pool administrator will need to confirm that the correct tokens were delivered to the contract.
5) Finally, everyone in the pool can claim their tokens.
To learn more please visit

What are the pool fees?

Primablock charges a 0.5% fee for use of the Primablock service which we think is more than fair. There is an additional RocketPool fee of between 2% and 10% per pool to go toward covering our time and effort and costs providing the service and attaining the presale bonuses. We think this is fair also given the legwork required and the private access and bonuses on offer.

For example, if the pool fee is 5% and you contribute $1000 or the equivalent in ETH then $55 of this goes to Primablock and RocketPool fees. The remaining $945 will be converted to project tokens on token generation along with any bonuses we’ve managed to negotiate on your behalf.

In the interest of full disclosure, in time we hope to remove the RocketPool fee and be rewarded by additional tokens from the project we are pooling for. Similar to a referral commission. So we are aiming on providing a free service to RocketPool members in the near future but for now the fees are as above –  between 2% and 10% depending on the project.

If you feel this is too high or don’t want to pay fees for this service, no problem, you can wait for the public crowd sale or approach the projects directly yourself, of course you will generally need a higher minimum investment to get the same bonuses. This is the whole point of the pool!

Also, if you are interested in contributing a larger amount like >50ETH, reach out to us on Telegram about a reduction in fees for larger contributions.

How do I get my tokens?

We use PrimaBlock to handle the pool mechanics. The well regarded blockchain service for Ethereum pooling. Essentially its a group wallet where people send deposits and once the pool target is hit we send it on to the main project wallet, all necessary links will be fully disclosed like the actual sending of the ETH to the project wallet so you can check things are happening as they should.

Upon token generation (usually after crowd sale ICO is completed) the resulting tokens are sent directly to the main pool wallet on Primablock and smart contracts handle the distribution of tokens to the people who contributed, according to their particular level of contribution.

Full details of token release and distribution will be outlined for each project we are pooling for. More questions? Reach out to an admin on the RocketPool Telegram group.


For more info on PrimaBlock see their FAQ

How can I trust you?

Glad you asked,  because we are completely up front in saying the pooling software we use, Primablock, is currently not a trustless system (they are working on this and we will implement as soon as its ready). For now a designated contact has to administrate the pool and that will always be one of our trusted admins.

While they *could* take off with the tokens delivered by the ICO (not your ETH thats locked in the Primablock smart contract) rather than glossing over this like some other pools, we are being very upfront and saying there is definitely trust involved in being a part of RocketPool.

We want to grow the RocketPool community and all prosper by our collective buying power. With a small reasonable fee for each pooled project, it should eb clear its in our interest to grow the pool and its investments and be compensated that way. Far more upside to running a successful pool, rather than acting fraudulently to start off.

Even so, we understand some people may be hesitant. Its human nature, especially in this unregulated space. What we can suggest is join and jump on our Telegram channel, talk to some of our members, or message an admin, and ask any questions you may have.

We are real people, with real hopes and dreams about blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and how it will improve our world. How the projects we are pooling for will create a more meritocratic society, and remove the middlemen and agents who bring nothing to the transaction. The time for change is well overdue.

Importantly, by being early stage investors in these exciting projects, RocketPool aims to improve all our members’ personal wealth along the way 🙂

So while we are a new pool we aim to be as transparent and honest in our dealings as we can while still maintaining some anonymity which I’m sure you will agree is required in this space.

In short, we set up RocketPool to connect with like minded early adopters, smart people collaborating in an exciting new technology, and allow smaller investors a chance to learn more about upcoming shortlisted projects and get in pre-ico deals. Not do a runner!

Some will be more trusting than others, so at the end of the day all we can really say here is if you are still not sure, perhaps join and follow the Telegram channel and follow us as we grow. Jump in when there is a project you believe in and you feel confident about our service.

Let’s learn and earn together 🙂 This is just the beginning…

More questions? Reach out to an admin on the RocketPool Telegram group.

About Us

RocketPool is made up of an experienced group of crypto investors from Australia, USA and Europe. With varied backgrounds across technology, finance, research and legal professions, we are well placed to find and connect you with interesting Blockchain projects, with great pre-ico bonuses, that may have otherwise been out of your reach.

It is our promise that we will administrate the pool with professionalism and honesty with the aim of growing the pool into a major force in the Blockchain space. We’d love you to be involved and earn your trust moving forward.

Together we will achieve what we alone can not. This technology will change the world and we are all among the first to realize it, we can help speed up adoption and be rewarded for it. Its going to be a big year ahead. To get on board, join RocketPool today.

Questions? Comments? Reach out to an admin on our Telegram group after joining!

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